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What are Bespoke Shutters?

Bespoke-shaped windows remain an amazing feature to any home, despite the possibility of being difficult to add. However, our customized to shape shutters can be made to fit into any window shape and frames. Our skilled craftsmen, will be pleased to deliver custom-made shaped shutters for any bespoke-shaped windows for our customers. We have all our shutters designed with top notch technology, precision and craft, which enables us deliver highest quality of our products. What this implies is, no matter how awkward or challenging your window shape might be, we are sure to deliver a customized shutter to match the window of your property to your demand.

Furthermore, our bespoke shutters made of hardwood can be customized with either magnetic or hinged frames to enable easy opening, and we are known to have delivered such classics over the years, with no designs functioning as well as they do, or looking as great as they are as window dressings.

Furthermore, we achieve this by paying attention to window shapes always, as a start point designing shutters. We also pay additional attention to other details; colours, panel configuration and slat size to allow for easy reach to open or clean.

We believe whatever window is made, we can design shutters to fit to it in style and elegance; be it circular window, triangle shaped or arch shaped windows

Why Bespoke Shutters

There are many benefits to the use of bespoke shutters. These bespoke features enable your home appear unique, and this is particularly true about bespoke-shaped shutters. Shutters bring special beauty to homes and come with practical benefits. Such as offering light control and keeping in warmth.

Your home is a reflection of your taste as well as lifestyle. Haven said that, you do not need to go all out to achieve this with expensive bespoke projects for your property.

Our bespoke fittings bring distinctive feel to your home. They are not the regular you see in every home, because they have been professionally assembled to fill specific spaces as well as complement a specific style.

How you dress your home’s window are some of the details that makes a huge difference and statement to your room. Either up or down, closed or open, the window dressing complements your decorations. This therefore should not be badly done as it can look horrible and totally out of place. That is why it is worth contacting us and our team of professional craftsmen.

Bespoke-shaped shutters give your home the breathtaking factor, being made to the space and stye of your home.

Streamline Shutters UK provides cafe style shutters

Our bespoke-shaped window shutters are designed to fit your specific window shape. They also help insulate your windows as well as allows you to control the amount of natural light into your home.

Improved Ventilation and Insulation

Bespoke shutters like most shutters are a great way of allowing air circulate inside your home, because they are made to be adjustable. This feature of shutters enables you control air flow without feeling your privacy being exposed to the outside world.

During summer or when sunny outside, shutters help to deflect the sunlight entering the home by helping to keep your rooms cool. However when the weather turns chilly or during winter, bespoke shutters also provide great insulation for your windows.

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Desired Privacy

When you desire the ultimate privacy, shutters are the perfect answer to your desire. Bespoke-shaped shutters are made in slats which can allow sunlight into your room, but are also wide enough to prevent the view of anyone outside, thereby giving you privacy. They can be easily adjusted, so you can achieve the balance of natural light along with privacy you need, depending on how light or dark it is from the outside.

Furthermore, the wide range of shutter designs gives you multiple choice options when it comes to your privacy, irrespective of the shutter you go for; full-length, tier on tier or cafe shutters.

Natural Light Control

Getting abundance of natural light is healthy for you, and it also helps in making the most of your living space. However, you may not always desire light flooding through your windows or heating up your room.

Our bespoke-shaped shutters allow you control the natural lighting of your home. By slating the louvres, you control not only how much light you want in, but also the direction of the light entrance. This helps you retain the experience and advantages of natural light without any inconvenience.

Durability and Maintenance

Our bespoke-shaped window shutters are robust. They are solid, durable fittings which will serve you practical use for years to come.

They are designed is to be visually pleasing to the eyes, giving them a a beautiful and classic appeal that match with a broad range of interior dressing ideas for your property. These bespoke-shaped shutters become a permanent feature of your property.

Maintaining them is very easy. You can use soft damp cloth to get rid of any dust, and you also do not need to take them down to clean them.

Also, if you have kids, you wouldn’t have to worry about their safety with shutters. They have no strings or dangling cords like blinds

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