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Louvre Doors


Our Full height shutters have a characteristic iconic look and robust design.



What are Louvre Doors?

If you desire pantry or louvre doors, then our louvre doors are a sure solution for adding ventilation to your house. We have ready our pine louvre doors available to be painted or stained to match in with the rest of your house. They are available in various sizes and shapes to complete your dream home dressing.

Louvre doors have both the bottom and top panels louvered in plantation style. The door comes in various heights and widths to suit almost any space in your home perfectly.

The louvre style is made in plantation style with louvre blades placed horizontally across a frame and overlapping each other at an angled, and fixed position. There is small gap generally left between each slat to the ‘open louvre’ design. Louvered styles that come with gaps are called faux louvre or closed louvre.

These doors are a great solution for homes with small spaces. The slats and louvres on the doors make it easy for air ventilation coming in, making them a common choice for laundry rooms, all purpose closets and more. For contemporary homes, louvre doors are beautiful additions to aid relaxing and a traditional feel.

Furthermore when well fitted, shutter louvre doors can be positioned to control the amount of light that enters a room. Should more light be required in, shutter panels can be fully adjusted back to allow a clear view through the window, thereby giving the house owner full control over their lighting, heat and privacy when in the room. Our shutters are professionally fitted and coated to provide total usability and durability, protecting the paint or wood stain finish from washing off, and protecting the panels from ever warping. You can reach out to our team today to find out more about our range of louvres on offer, what products might suit your needs best and, our professionally skilled shutter specialists will be on hand to take the burden out in finding and fitting the ideal shutters for your home.

Value to Property

For their relatively low cost price tag, louvre doors are suited for people who do not intend to spend a fortune in dressing their homes.

Their plain yet beautiful designs remain ageless. They are sleek and adorable. They are top of the rank and do not fight for attention with other door dressing. Louvre doors blend easily with modern, industrial, vintage designs. They also eliminate the need to constantly update your door designs. Our plantation louvre doors do not need constant re-modeling, rebranding or re-styling, therefore saving you time and cost.

As plantation shutters always do, they help to increase value of your home. Bearing in mind most door coverings are temporary and easily removable, making them add little or no value to your home. Louvre doors bring permanent beauty into your home. They add appeal and value that boost the resale value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

Louvre Doors

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Style and Versatility

Our louvre doors have slats that can be adjusted to control the airflow. This means that they can be modified to bring a new style to your home. An old louvre in the living room can be modified into a notice holder. Louvre doors can be used to create partitions in corridors with small spaces.
Lastly, our louvre doors are prominent in areas that need enough ventilation such as wardrobes, kitchens or bathrooms. That is not to say, these louvre doors can’t be used as entrance door to a room. Most louvre doors are a combination of various other styles like part louvre or part panel.

Durability and Maintenance

Like other interior shutters, their durability outclasses every single door coverings available in the market these days. Shutters have the best durability irrespective of the material, the quality of installation, and the usage. Once installed, be rest assured they are a permanent fixture. They are simply built to stand the test of time, and the usually negative effects of wear and tear.

They are easy to clean; you can get a commercial cleaner and spray on the door the entire door or by wiping down the frame using a piece of rag, by using a dusting rag and ruler to clean between the louvres. You can easily reach to dust along each louvre without struggling to reach and clean the top slats.


When privacy, quietness, rest and natural ventilation is needed, louvre doors can allow passage of air even when closed.
Yet, the greatest feature about louvre doors is that the angle of the slats can be easily adjusted. Whenever you desire some ‘me time’ privacy from the neighbours or even kids, all you need do is adjust the slats, and enjoy a private time with your spouse, kids and loved ones.
Our louvre door shutters are a great choice for those who love to keep a romantic atmosphere in the evenings. Having the slats closed allows light come through, making them well suited fit for bedrooms.

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